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40+ Christmas Messages for Husband

Are you looking for christmas messages for husband? then you are at the right place. We have come up with a handpicked collection of christmas wishes and messages for husband and christmas messages for family and friends, christmas messages for friends cards, and Don’t forget to read christmas messages for parents.

Christmas Messages for Husband

My Christmas has become all the more magical, My Christmas has become all the more divine, Since the time you became mine, Since the time we did find, True love my hubby dear, Merry Christmas!

My Christmas will be merry, This Christmas I will have a reason to cheer, Coz you are so close and near, In my heart forever, Merry Christmas my dear!

My hubby you are my reason to smile This holiday season is going to start So I want to know that you are a special part A part of my life and my existence A part of you being connected to me This Christmas I wish you all the Happiness and lots of glee Merry Christmas to you!

My only prayer to Almighty is That you stay blessed this Christmas I wish success comes your way I wish that you have power to say May happiness never leave your side And you surpass every tide I pray that this Christmas brings lots if smiles Merry Christmas to you Have a blessed year all through!

Of all the joy and happiness, Of all the special times, The days spent with you, Are precious and kind, Because I truly love you, Merry Christmas!

Oh I wish I could be with you this Christmas Oh I wish that I could just celebrate this Special day with you my love But since you are far away I just want to say that Merry Christmas to you May you have a lovely time and new Feel blessed on this day I love you is all I wish to say!

Oh my dear, thanks for coming in my life, Thanks for giving me all that I have, Thanks for making my life complete, On this special occasion of Christmas, Let me also say and greet, That you keep smiling my love, Merry Christmas!

People say that my deeds are good And some say that I am truly blessed I do not care about the world Because I don't need to impress My priority is different and it's your name The feelings that I feel are the same On this special festive time Let me wish you Merry Christmas Thank the Lord..You are mine!

Plenty of things that I want to say I wish that you get brightness every way Wish that you have smiles all the way And wish that you make merry each day For Christmas is the time to stay happy A time when I can truly express my feelings For you Oh my hubby dear I truly love you Wishing a Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas Messages for Husband

Christmas Messages for Husband

I am so blessed to have you in my life, Feel so blessed to be called your wife, This Christmas will be merry more, Coz I truly love you to the core, Merry Christmas sweetheart!

Christmas Messages for Husband

I can't thank god enough For giving me such a cute hubby, You are my life my soul, The most important role, In my life is yours, I love you, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Husband

Christmas is the occasion of love and care, I know for me you are always there, That is the reason I love you so much, My love for you is such, Merry Christmas my love!

Christmas Messages for Husband

You bought a new joy in my life, I am so glad to be your wife, On this special occasion of love, Let me thank you from my heart, I love you, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Husband

This Christmas, I wish you get everything that you desire, I wish you get what you want, This is a silent prayer from your wife, Coz you are my reason to survive, Love you lots, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Husband

When I hold your hand, I feel in bliss, I still remember, Our first kiss, Under the mistletoe, Christmas is here again, So, let me wish you well, Have a happy time, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Messages for Husband

This Christmas, My only wish for you is, That you stay happy, cheerful and healthy, I love you so much! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Christmas Messages for Husband

You are all mine, And I am so proud, Please stay forever this way, I just have a word to say, That I love you lots, Merry Christmas!

Ah! it is the start of holiday season So all the moments with you are Going to be as awesome as you are You are the light in my life my dear You are my life's most shining cheer Love to have you in life Feeling blessed that I am your wife Merry Christmas to you May God bless you!

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Bring the dreams that I want to see I will convey my message to be A blissful world that I have prayed for you The beauty of love tossed in few My baby just want to let you know That I truly love you Wishing Merry Christmas to you May God bless you!

Christmas is the season to cheer, With all the near and dear, So, let me wish my wonderful hubby, A merry Christmas, And a lovely New Year!

Ever since you came in my life I forgot everything to strive I forgot my existence because I am happy I am happy in your company my love And I just want to be this way with you forever It's a perfect time to celebrate our love Merry Christmas and a happy new year Start your life with a new cheer!

Having you in my life is the best gift I have I do not need any more gifts on Christmas Just need your love and support all the way Merry and awesome will be my each day Merry Christmas to my hubby hear With you, I have life's every cheer!

Holding your hand completes my world, Looking in your eyes makes me secure Your love is the passion, on which I thrive, Baby, because of you I survive, A special wish to you from me, Merry Christmas!

I have been so blessed in life To have someone like you to share my life with Thank you my wonderful hubby for giving me so many memories in life and making me feel so loved in life. Merry Christmas and a happy new year May this Christmas brings a good cheer!

Santa came in my dreams last night And asked me what is my wish for Christmas I just had one thing to tell him That all my wishes have come true Coz I have such a cute amazing hubby like you I do not need anything else in life I am so happy being your wife Merry Christmas to you May God bless you!

The eve of Christmas has become more Magical and more eternal for me As you are alongside my love There is noting else which is left to see I love you let me confess today On this pure and mighty Christmas day Merry Christmas my love to you Feelings are there only for you!

There have been many moments, The moments of joy, Since the time I met you, Now, it's only you, Coz for you my love is true, Merry Christmas to you!

This Christmas for you I have asked All the happiness of the world Happiness which I can see in your eyes Being with you, I feel so wise I just want to let you know That you are the best hubby in the world Merry Christmas to you I simply love you!

Words are not enough for expressing my love You are and will remain the best my dear You bring in the joy and lots of cheer I cannot really imagine my life without you Coz I just want to say that I truly love you Merry Christmas to you my love And I wish that you get things all new!

You know there is no doubt in mind That I have always loved you And today let me confess it through That I will truly love you until time This is the most special time To prove my love to you Baby Merry Christmas to you! As I wish this time, be more merry more for you I love you!

You are not only my love in life You are also my strength to strive You have helped me sailed through tough And life with you has been so good This Christmas my only wish is that I get you as my hubby the next birth too To that touch wood Merry Christmas to you Have a blessed Christmas all new!

I have been so blessed in life to have a Hubby like you my dear You have always cared for my happiness You have always bought a smile on my face With you, I feel that loving grace With you, I feel so complete in life Thanks for everything my man Merry Christmas to you May God bless you too!

Let us both welcome this new year With lots of love and lots of cheer The meaning of Christmas will remain the same It's the equation of yours and my name The meaning of Christmas gets a light When you make my world oh so bright Merry Christmas to you May God bless you!

Many more moments that I will spend with you Some more memories that I will make Things will remain pleasant in time And it will remain all in the prime Your support is enough to prove your love My dear you are the reason why I smile Wish you Merry Christmas And I wish that you have an awesome time!

Merry Christmas to my darling hubby Who is as cute and caring as can be You have your way to understand me And I love you for all your ways so new You are a ray of sunshine in my life Without you I can't really survive I wish you many fulfilled moments today I wish you a merry Christmas all the way!

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