Christmas Messages for sisters

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Christmas Messages for sisters, Christmas Wishes for sisters

Merry Christmas Sister! You have always been in my corner and for that I have always been grateful. May your holiday be as heaven sent as you have been for me!

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the two of you. Having a sister and brother-in-law that care makes the holidays even more wonderful!

Merry Christmas to My Loving Sister! You have always been so sweet and we have always been able to share wonderful times together. May your holiday be as awesome as you have made my life!

Merry Christmas to My Wonderful Sister and Her Beautiful Family! May you be blessed with an amazing holiday season!

We always have a blast when we get together. It’s great having a sister and brother-in-law like you! Merry Christmas!

All the cool memories to share,
All the silent prayers,
All the years of bliss with you,
A wonderful sis like you,
Is hard to find,
Merry Christmas,
I am glad you are mine!

You’re more than a sister. You are my friend. I wish you the happiest holiday ever and I can’t wait to hug you again! Merry Christmas sister!

You’ve made my life much brighter! Merry Christmas, Sis!

Having you for a sister and brother-in-law is like having one of the best gifts ever on Christmas. You are both awesome! Merry Christmas!

Hey sis! Hope you have a great Christmas this year! Hope all your wishes come true and you get the best in life always.

Having you in the family has been a gift from God that I will always cherish. Merry Christmas to My Beautiful Sister and Her Family!

I want to send across,
My warmest wishes to you,
You know well, that you are too good to be true,
I am so lucky to have a sis like you,
Merry Christmas to you!

Holiday love and wishes to both of you! Hope your Christmas is amazing!

Holiday wishes and kisses to my sister!

My sister makes my Christmas so much more special
with her laughter and presence.
And my Christmas wish is that we spend
many more Christmas Days like these together!

Merry Christmas Messages and Wishes For Sister

Roses, dahlias, the heart’s delight–you can find yours in material items. I find mine in my sister. Merry Christmas soulmate.

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.

To my sister: The stars and moon were jealous the day you were born. Thank you for being the light in my eyes. Merry Christmas.

My sister seems, somehow, to make even the most ordinary day into an occasion. Merry Christmas

Sister, when did you learn how to read hearts for a living? Merry Christmas to one who always cares.

I love you my sis, and it’s difficult to put in words, just know that I care, and I am always there. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my lovely sis, not a single day there has been, when I don’t miss, the presence of you in my life, I love you. Merry Christmas!

To my sister at Christmas: You are part gossamer, part light, and part my life. Merry Christmas.

The best gift that you can give baby Jesus this birthday is a caring heart! Merry Christmas to my sister.

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