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Teddy Day Quotes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Are you looking for Teddy Day Quotes is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our most loyal childhood companions. I hope you liked our collection, we have collected most popular Teddy Bear Day Messages which are extremely Cute and Sweet... Enjoy the Teddy Bear Day SMS Collection & Happy Teddy Bear Day! Read Also Cute Teddy Day Quotes

➦ Love me Love my Teddy Bear, Kiss me Kiss me my Teddy Bear, Hug me Hug me my Teddy Bear, Happy Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy bears don't need hearts as they are already stuffed with love. I m Your Teddy with a big heart.

➦ To my cutest cuddly wife, Who is certainly my life, This teddy bear is a sign That you will be forever mine.

➦ A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

➦ By Gifting You This Teddy, I Want To Show Am Ready, To Make You Mine And Fill My Life With Sunshine ...

➦ Don’t miss to see my gift, open it with the love and bond we share, you will like this small teddy, that reflects my passion and care!

➦ I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart. Happy Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy Day Quotes

➦ Sitting On The Beach A cottage small near a beautiful sea side sitting on the beach we will watch the coming tide. Each moment with you, as long as I am living; A life with you, is the only thing, I am dreaming Happy Teddy Day..

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➦ You are always my darling, you will be my date now and ever, this teddy is just for you, to express my love forever! Happy Teddy Day!

➦ Teddy bears don't need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.I m Your Teddy with a big heart.Happy Teddy Day.

➦ If u are a chocolate you are the SWEETEST,If u are a teddy bear you are the most HUG GABLE, and since u r my friend.U R THE BEST.Happy Teddy Day.

➦ You're In My Thoughts And In My Heart Wherever I May Go On Teddy Bear Day I'd Like To Say I Care More Than You Know.

➦ I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart. Happy Teddy Bear Day.

➦ I wish I were a cell in your blood,so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart.Happy Teddy Bear Day..

➦ Love can’t be described, It’s meant to be felt through the way we care, Wish you a happy teddy day, Hope there are more such days that we share.

Valentines Day Messages

➦ May this Teddy Bear Day give you lot of love and Happiness…!!

➦ Never could tell you my love, never could I share the things of my heart, but on this special teddy day, will you be mine on this valentine ’s day?

➦ Oh My Cute and Beautiful Dear You are my sweetest teddy bear, and I Always Be in Your Near Happy Teddy Bear..!!

Happy Teddy Bear images with Love Quotes

➦ On This Day I Promise U.Teddy Day is Very Beautiful Day on This Day I Promise U that I Will be always With You.My every breath is For You and For!!!Ever Happy Teddy Day.

➦ Whenever u c LOVE coming, WELCOME it, open ur Arms, Embrace it & let it ENTER into U! People will ask UR U in LOVE? jst say-no,LOVE is in me! Happy Teddy Bear day.

➦ U r my Teddy Bear, I love to be your Teddy Bear, I love 2 hug you, Happy Teddy bear day

Cute Teddy Bear Photos with Quotes Images

➦ Teddy Bears are like keys... They’re always in the first place u think they’d be, and the last place u look. Happy Teddy Day.

➦ my hands never pain while typing message for you..; but my hearts always feel pain when there is no reply 4rm u.. Happy teddy day...

➦ Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a wound Wen EYES'S cud SPEAK volumes Wen a SMILE can confirm I M THERE then why do v need owrds 2 say 'I LOVE YOU.' Happy Teddy Bear Day.

➦ When daylight turns 2 a darkened hue, D lovely stars r hinting @ u, Ur heart beats tells u something true, That some1 sumwher is missing U....! Happy Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy Bear Day Messages, Wishes and Pictures

➦ Be Mine Teddy Bear Day.I Am Sending You This Valentine Wish With Hugs And Kisses Too;Cause There,IS A Place Here In My Heart That,IS Mad For Only You!!!

➦ I miss the laughs, I used to get from you, I miss the talks we used to have & above all,I just miss YOU! Happy Teddy Bear Day.

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