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donald trump mexican comments, donald trump quotes funny, Donald Trump Famous Quotes,

Donald Trump Famous Quotes

🔃 My whole life is about winning. I don't lose often. I almost never lose.

🔃 Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

🔃 Our politicians are stupid. And the Mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning. And they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them. They don't want to take care of them. Why should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them?

🔃 You have to think anyway, so why not think big?

🔃 In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish.

🔃 With out passion you don't have energy, with out energy you have nothing.

🔃 When I am president, I will work to ensure that all of our kids are treated equally and protected equally. Every action I take, I will ask myself, 'Does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson, who have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child America?'

🔃 People love me. And you know what, I have been very successful. Everybody loves me.

🔃 What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.

🔃 One thing about television, it brings out personality. People are able to watch me in action. They hear my voice and see my eyes. There's nothing I can hide. That's me. Television brings out your flaws, your weaknesses, your strengths, and you truths. The audience either likes you or it doesn't.

🔃 It's always good to be underestimated.

🔃 Do you mind if I sit back a little? Because your breath is very bad.

🔃 I have a great relationship with the Mexican people.

🔃 When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.

🔃 Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State in the history of the country. The world came apart under her reign as Secretary of State.

🔃 I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line. Perhaps it's time America was run like a business.

🔃 That's one of the nice things. I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich. So if I need $600 million, I can put $600 million myself. That's a huge advantage. I must tell you, that's a huge advantage over the other candidates.

🔃 People are so shocked when they find... out I am Protestant. I am Presbyterian. And I go to church, and I love God, and I love my church.

🔃 I like thinking big. If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.

🔃 I have an attention span that's as long as it has to be.

🔃 We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again.

🔃 Owning a great golf course gives you great power.

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