Attitude Status for Whatsapp

Attitude Whatsaap Status

➦ I Was Born Cool, Global Warming Made Me Hot.

➦ SARCASM: Just one of the many services i offer.

➦ Not always “Available”.. Try your Luck..

➦ Whenever i think of quitting smoking, I need a cigarette to think.

➦ When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.

➦ I say no to drugs, but they don’t listen.

➦ Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

➦ If loving you is wrong, Then i don’t want to be right.

➦ You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.

➦ At least mosquitoes are attracted to me.

100 Awesome Attitude Status for Whatsapp

➦ When Sum One Hates You for no reason……………..Give them a reason

➦ Taking revenge is wrong…very very wrong.. But very very fun..

➦ The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.

➦ The ones who say “you can’t” and “you won’t” are probably the ones scared that “you will”.

➦ I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

➦ I don’t have dirty mind, I have Sexy imagination.

➦ Is it vodka o’clock yet?

➦ ”My attitude depends on the people in front of me…

➦ Be yourself, who else is better qualified?

➦ Awesome ends with ME and Ugly starts with you.

➦ Some people just need a High-Five….. on the face.

➦ Don’t call me crazy. I much prefer the term “mentally hilarious”.

➦ Readers are plentiful: thinkers are rare.

➦ I always learn from mistake of others who take my advice.

➦ I do not exist to impress the world. I exist to live my life in a way that will make me happy.

➦ Of course I’m not perfect; there’s a crack in my ass!

➦ Love thy neighbour. But don’t get caught.

➦ God is really creative, i mean…just look at me.

➦ I Am Not Special , I Am Just Limited Edition

➦ I don’t always have time to study… but when I do, I don’t.

➦ Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want.

➦ I did lots of stupid things on social networking sites but atleast I never commented “Cute pic dear“ on girls profile picture.

➦ Your Whatsapp status say’s online …..If your online then why aren’t you texting me

➦ I started out with nothing and i still have most of it :)

➦ I was not busy to be online… I had just gave up on my life when I picked up this girls phone and saw my contact name as “Free Recharge”

➦ I will marry the girl who look as pretty as in her Aadhaar card

 Attitude Whatsapp Status in English

➦ They say we learn from our mistakes. So I'm making as many as possible! Soon I will be a genius.

➦ Sorry vegetarians we can’t pretend.

➦ Waiting for Wi-Fi network.

➦ I wish I had Google in my mind and antivirus in my heart.

Attitude Whatsapp Status

➦ Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my Whatsapp status...

➦ Tried to loose weight… But it keeps finding me.

➦ I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by selling my car.

➦ I’m looking for a bank loan which can perform two things..give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

➦ lazy People Fact #5812672793 You were too lazy to read that number.

➦ Sleep till you’re hungry... Eat till you’re sleepy.

➦ If your bad. Call me your Dad.

➦ If I was asked what a friend looks like, I would seat next to you and hold you tight because you define what true friendship really is.

➦ Friends are the family you choose

➦ Good friends will share the umbrella. Best friends will steal it and yell: It’s Awesome, Now Run!

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