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Valentine Poems For Lovers to Express Your Feelings

Are you looking for valentine poems for lovers, happy valentine day poems? then you are at the right place. We have come up with a handpicked collection of valentine day poems for boyfriend and valentines day love poems for her and Don’t forget to read valentine day sayings quotes.

Valentine Poems for Lovers

When I don't see you Baby when I don't see you I miss you like hell, It's in your thoughts that I stay And, I truly dwell It's pure love you know I may not truly show But I do love you!

I Love You So Deeply. - Poem by Emmanuel Mkansi I Love You So Deeply, I Love You So Much, I Love The Sound Of Your Voice And The Way That We Touch. I Love Your Warm Smile And Your Kind, Thoughtful Way. The Joy That You Bring To My Life Everyday. I Love You Today As I Have From The Start. And I'll Love You Forever With All My Heart.

My Only Love - Poem by yara sherif just to say i love you never seems enough. i have said it to many times i am afraid you won't understand what i really mean it when i say it. how can so much feelings, so much adoration possibly fit into those three little words. but until i find some other way of saying what i feel, then 'I LOVE YOU' will have to do. so no matter how many times i say it, never take it lightly, for you are my life, and my only love. i love you now more than ever before.

It's the day of love Its a day of love when you are with me Everyday it's you I need to see My love I love you more than me With you I feel all the glee I really love you my love You are my only destiny I love you to thee! Happy valentines day to you!

My life was My life was not the same before, My life was not so good, When you came in my life Everything changed my love Touch wood I love you very much Sealed with your loving touch Happy Valentines Day to you!

Things do change Things change in life, But you never change Love me the way you do Without you I feel so blue Boy, your love is enough for me to survive Looking forward to be your wife I love you! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

valentine poems for lovers

You love once You love once in your life, And you love that special one You are for me that special one Because I love you so much I feel like a woman on your touch Baby I so love you Happy valentine's day to you!

Let me say This valentine let me say That you are special to me That besides you there is nothing else to see Baby with you I feel the glee Boy, I love you so much My love for you is pure It's as magical and demure I love you! Happy valentine's day to you!

You light up my world You light up my world you are my boy With you, there is life and that joy When you embrace me in your arms I feel that warmth in our love When you bend and kiss me tight I want that moment never to end in might You make me feel so loved my love You make me feel surreal Your love is as pure as your emotion I get that thrill and that zeal Never break this bond of love and leave me alone I am most comfortable in your love zone Baby I love you so much Lost in your touch Happy Valentine's Day to you!

When you stare When you stare at me from that distance My heart skips a beat I want to go against all odds And I can also play or cheat For your love is an attraction That I never want to leave Your love is an attraction that pulls me to you Baby with your company, I feel so loved and new Your love is an attraction that will stay on till life Till the time I want to be..To be called as your wife I love you so much is all I want to say On this lovely day Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

When I count When I count my blessings in life I also count you, my boy You have changed the way I see things Given me so much of joy Since the time you came in my life Is the time that I have never cried I feel good being with you I feel good sharing your company Of all the happy talks we have And all the moments that we share to be Baby your love gives me a high The limit just touches the sky On this lovely day Just want to say that I love you Wishing a happy Valentine's Day to you!

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I still remember I still remember that first day when we met It started with the word sorry But there was something in that stare And the way that you ever cared We became friends and life changed Giving a hint of something strange We ended up loving each other Like there is no one or another We are as perfect as any couple would be With that love in the heart and smile to be Just as I wanted this to be Baby I love you so much This way forever and such Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

Things were not as Things were not as you thought it would be My life without you was not so perfect to see You changed my mind and gave a smile You changed my perception a while With you, I started discovering myself In the process, we also discovered true love A love that was in our destiny A love that would last till eternity Baby when I see your face I have that most loving grace And tell myself I am lucky he is mine Together we were so destined Baby I love you very much Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

valentine poems for lovers

The road of love The road was never too easy And emotions were so under played But when two hearts are ought to meet They do meet on their destined way As the love between you and me And that perfect equation that we share The love that has longing and care Baby you have completed me You have completed my role It's not a matter of heart anymore It's the matter of your pure soul Thanks for coming in my life And making it brighter with your love Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day!

Your love has opened Your love has opened the dimensions of my heart Your love has been special from the start I may not have told you before But I want to tell you today on this day That you play the most important part Buy you occupied my mind and thought A feeling that I have never felt When I come in front of you I do blush and I do melt I think it's pure love from my side The feelings of which now I can't hide Love is all I want to wish Sealed with one special kiss Happy Valentine's Day to you!

My heart yearns more My heart yearns for you and that is so pure When I see you, there is an instant allure There is an urge to come near you An urge to just hold your hands An urge to sleep in your arms my love An urge that I know you will understand An urge to say that I love you so much An urge to say that I feel like a woman On your slightest touch, Baby when you are with me It's nothing else I want to see Just in your dreams forever Forever the love that I would wish to see Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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Its the magic of your love My love and your love is a magic my dear Together we laugh and we have that cheer A connection that beats against the time When I feel that blush to call you mine I want to confess that you are the most Important part of my life my boy With you, I feel so carefree With you, I feel so coy You complete me in every sense We will love forever in the future tense Just the music and you and me Just the moonlight and walk by the sea That is my love so pure for you Baby I love you Happy Valentine's Day to you!

When you look at me When you look this way in my eyes I forget being about so wise When you touch my hand my boy I feel so nervous and so coy The magic of your love has changed me The magic of your love I feel to thee Just stay as you are with your love so pure A magical journey and allure Boy on this special day Just want to confess it to you, That I have always loved you And I will always do Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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