Beautiful & Inspiring Blessings Prayers For Thanksgiving Day

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Prayers For Thanksgiving

Thank you Almighty: Thank you Almighty for that strength Which keeps me going all the way Thanks you for the love you give All along and every way Thank you for the support I have And your mercy in everything I do Just want to thank you for being there Thank you for your kind heart That gives me a special in thing do part Thank you for everything almighty As I feel so blessed in life Thanks for all your kind mercy Thanks for giving me this wonderful life Be with me all the way This Thanksgiving Day!

On this day, I would like to thank the almighty, For giving me the strength in my pain, For getting that spark again, For making my life colorful, For all the things so wonderful, For life on the whole per say, For life's every way, Thanks for being there!

The goodness in my heart that says: The goodness in my heart that stays I know that I follow your way All the love that I can see All the love that you have given me I thank you for small moments in life I thank you for being with me Thy Lord I just want to make a wish That all my loved ones stay blessed in life That everyone has a smile On their faces forever thy Lord This thanksgiving it's my only wish This thanksgiving that is my only want Thank you so much thy Lord!

I pray this day, That no one ever lose his/her smile Not for one day or while, I wish that everyone gets what they want, Only to gracefully flaunt, I pray that each one stay happy in life, With no struggle or strive, I pray this for all, Amen!

Beautiful & Inspiring Blessings Thanksgiving  Prayers

It is a blessed time indeed: Thanksgiving Day is a blessed time When you get to thank everyone around To you oh almighty I pray today Thanks for your mercy all the way Thanks for being there for me Thanks for things that I get to see Thanks for your kindness and words All the gestures that fill the heart Thanks for making me a special part Of your blessings all along the way This Thanksgiving Day, I want to thank everyone Who makes my life wonderful Thank you so much Almighty to you!

From a graceful heart: A graceful heart and graceful life In spite of all the struggle and strive Your mercy has always been so kind It's the thing that has in bind Thank you thy Lord for everything Thank you for being there I know that you always silently care Thanks for everything that I have I am blessed to have a wonderful family I am blessed to have a wonderful life Thank you for everything Thy lord Is my only prayer his thanksgiving This Thanksgiving let your mercy stay Forever and ever!

I thank him for small things: I thank the Lord for small things The small gestures in my life For all the small elements besides For all those small little smiles I thank the Lord for making me happy When I was about to cry Almighty I want to take a moment To thank you on this happy day I want to thank you so much So that you get the best of it I thank you thy Lord for letting me Live my life with happiness Thanks for always being there I do know that you care On this Thanksgiving Day I want t thank you Almighty!

Thank you oh almighty lord: Thank you oh almighty lord, For all the things which you have bestowed upon me, I haven't really asked you, But, you chose to give me everything new, Thank you lord for your kind take in life, Without your blessings we won't survive, So, bless us through holy lord!

Beautiful & Inspiring Blessings Prayers For Thanksgiving

Today on this day of thanks: Today on Thanksgiving Day I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to You thy Lord for giving me everything For making me happy all the way Today on this Thanksgiving Day I want to confess that your love Has guided me and motivated me to Be a better person in life I want to thank you thy Lord For everything that I have in life Today on this special day, I want to bow in front and tell you That your love is eternal and so true A heartfelt thank you!

For all the blessings unknown, For all the small things, For all the beautiful smiles, For all the extra vice, For all the unsaid emotions, For all the other motions, For everything so great, Would like to say a big thank you, This Thanksgiving Day!

Thank You God: Thank you God for the sun that shines, Thank you God for all the times we smiled. Thank you God for the stars and moon, Thank you God for giving me shelter and a room. Thank you God for the animals and birds, Thank you God for by brothers and sisters. Thank you God for my parents who love me so, Thank you God for friends whom I can call my own. Thank you God for the refreshing rain you send from above, Thank you God for teaching me what is love. Thank you God for taking away all my sorrows, pains and tensions, Thank you God for the above and the many things I forget to mention.

The blessings of Almighty: The blessings of the Almighty His choicest ways on us In this day and glory of life All the things that we truly bask We thank the Lord above For all the lessons he teaches We thank the Lord above For all the things, he has given us This Thanksgiving is incomplete Without the love of the Lord So let us thank him from the heart So that we can make a perfect start This Thanksgiving Thank you thy Lord!

I ask for my family today: I ask for my family good health I ask for my family good wealth I ask for forgiveness from my heart So that I can Make everyone a part This thanksgiving I want to thank you Thy Lord for supreme things in life You have made a difference in the way I am You have made the love so prime You are forever there for me You are there in things for me Thank you oh Almighty Thank you special on this Thanksgiving Day!

On behalf of my family: On behalf of my family thy Lord I thank you for everything in life For the food that we eat For the clothes that we wear For the things, we buy thy Lord For the smiles and happiness For guiding us along the want For always helping through the day Almighty we want to thank you today For always being that light This makes our world so bright Thank you so much Almighty On this Thanksgiving Day!

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Thanksgiving is heart felt: Thanksgiving has the power to change The way we look at things It has the power to overcome Things that matter in time It's the time when you can decide What's really great for you You have your way to choose in away Its the same in the case and blessings All the more that I can see Thank you Lord for being there Thank you for your concern and care Thanks for letting me be Thanks for everything to thee Is my only prayer this Thanksgiving day!

I want to start my day: I want to start by thanking all Those who gave me a reason to smile To my wonderful family for being there To all my friends and all the care To all the people who wished well Almighty this thanksgiving I want To thank you for your mercy and Faith in life, Want to thank you for being there In my every way and strive Thanks for making me a strong Person in life and making sure That yes this is the way I can be This thanksgiving is blessed Because of your kindness and mercy!

Prayer has the power to heal: Prayer has the power to change things A prayer has the power to say Prayer has the power to overcome All the difficult things in way This thanksgiving I want to pray For a life that would be great I will accept things that come by And everything in my fate This thanksgiving let there be Light in the darkness around Thank you Lord for giving me the love Of family and friends that surround Bless everyone with your love This Thanksgiving day!

For every new moment with you: For every new moment you give For that brightness of the day For the light, that makes me wise To all the moments I see through eyes For the love oh kind in the heart For making me your special part Your love has given so much Your love has proved it all That its because of you Almighty Because of you, I stand so tall Thank you so much Almighty Is all I want to say this Thanksgiving day!

The life that I lead: The life that I lead and happiness This goes along the way The life that I have in all to say There is something magical that I can see When things are there to thee Life is good and I want to thank almighty For such amazing fun and smile Its because of you Almighty That I feel so good every while Your love has only helped me To conquer all my fears in life This Thanksgiving is my mighty prayer That everyone around stay happy too Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

There is so much of blessing: There is abundance of blessings I can sense There are things that are special The turkey on the table The time that we have with our loved ones Let me thank you for the amazing life You have given me my Lord This thanksgiving I want to pray you special For all the lovely things you gave It was not possible without you It's only for the love and sake Thank you so much on this Thanksgiving Day From my heart today!

Things may forever change: Things may forever change in time But I know that your love is prime You have always guided me along You have always showed me the way Almighty on his special day As it's the Thanksgiving Day, I want to bow my head in front of you And tell you thanks for everything, It's your love that makes me do All the things I wish to do Almighty thanks for a wonderful life And helping me in the strive Special thanks on this Thanksgiving Day to you!

To the almighty creator: To the almighty creator of this world, You have kept me safe and sound in life, Today I want to ask you to keep me safe for the coming days also, You gave me everything which I never asked, Thanks for so much love and blessings oh lord, I want to thank you for all you have bestowed on me, Thanks my lord!

Today I want to thank you Oh lord, Today I want to thank you for everything I have, Today I want to thank you for things which you have given me, Without any wish or plea, I just want to make a wish, Please support me and my family forever this way, Please keep your hand above me for your blessings per say, Thank you almighty lord!

Today is the right time: Today is the right opportunity to Thank everyone in my life Thanks mom for always being there Thank you dad for your way to care Thanks everyone who's been so kind And helped me to forever unwind Thanks for all the things I do I am blessed and chosen few Lord I just want to pray this day That always be there for me I pray that I stay blessed this way Forever and ever in life Thanks for everything Almighty kind This Thanksgiving Day!

Thank the almighty, For all that he gave in life, For the food that you eat, For the people you greet, For the love in the heart, For that wonderful start, Thank the Lord for everything, Because it is the Thanksgiving Day!

Thank you lord for another bright day, Thanks because today I could say, Thank the lord for everything, Thank the lord for little things, Thank the lord for life so sweet, Thank the lord for things we eat, On this special day, Because it is the Thanksgiving Day!

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