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Love Poems for Girlfriend, Short Love Poems for Girlfriend

Daydreaming, with a smile on my face. Blissfully lost, in the sunniest of hues, Carelessly happy, oblivious to worries, Is what I’ve been, since I’ve met you So surreal, everything has become Life feels, too good to be true, My heart knows, this is just the beginning Of a lot more to look forward to xoxo

If I had to explain the reason, Why I find you so pretty and sweet, I would explain it by saying, That you are my heart’s beat, If I had to,, describe you in a few words, I wouldn’t say sexy or amazing, I would describe you with the phrase, You’re my reason for being, I love you

More dazzling than the stars, More stunning than the sun, Prettier than the moon Baby, you are the one More fabulous than dawn, More magnificent than twilightm Sexier than the colors of dusk Baby, you’re a gorgeous sight xoxo

I lost myself, the day I looked in your eyes, Your hugs have given me, My life’s biggest highs, In the depths of love, My life is anchored firmly, Exactly how I’ve always, Wanted it to be

You are the prettiest, You are the cutest, If I had to invent a new word, I would call you beautifulest, You are the most charming, You are most intelligent, I have never seen someone, Who is so elegant, You are the girl, That every guy desires, Baby, I love you a lot, For you, my heart is on fire

A sense of euphoria grips me from head to toe, When I think about the memories we share, Right from the fun times to the vulnerable moments, My innermost feelings, to you I’ve laid bare, We’ve been through a lot, we’ve come a long way, I have no regrets, I’d do it all again if I had to, Regardless of the bumps and bends,Because in the end it’s just me and you

Just being friends with you, Made me sore, Right from day one, My heart wanted a lot more, Just like how absence of salt, Makes food tasteless, Your absence in my life, Would take away all the happiness, Just like how dessert tastes bland, When it is made sugarless, Without you, everything I do, Would be utterly useless, I love you

I Love You, I don't know what it is exactly about you girl, That has me completely for you, twirled. And there ain't no other girl in this world,You can take your place my beloved. I am in love with you.

You are the kind of girl, Who can put a diva to shame, If guys want to flirt with you, They are not to blame, I am taking the liberty, To compliment you like this, Because at the end of the day, Only I have the right to give you a kiss

My heart swells up with pride, When you are by my side, My eyes light up with bliss, When you give me a kiss, My spirit begins to soar, When I see you at the door, My mind goes into a trance, When I see you by chance, My life becomes joyful, When I see you, beautiful, I love you

You are the reason why, I feel like I wanna fly, You are the reason why, I feel I can touch the sky, You are the reason why, There is no reason to cry, Baby, you are my life,Don’t ever say goodbye, I love you

I love the way you make me love you
Love the way you step my heart on the ground.
When you walk into the room
I love the way you do not even look at me.
You take my breath away
With all the words you say,
I fell in love with you more
The day you walked out the door.
I love how strong you became
I love the way you always hang up the phone
I can't get enough of you
When you want me out of your face.
True love came to me all of a sudden
When you dumped me in our special place.

I take my self back into your arms,
only when I am asleep.
I know I brought your heart a little harm.
Now the boat has turned making my love weep.
You do not bother with my charm
All you do is give me the cold shoulder.
In my book of love, you will get over it soon
In the mean time you are my true love
No matter if I have to do it all by myself.
Until than I will not give you the pleasure
Of forgetting what you gave up.
Stop teaching me the lesson of pay back
Stop playing hard to get,
My one and only TRUE LOVE

You are the one I will always love the most
And to this fact I raise a toast;
May we grow old and still have fun
Because I love you and my heart you've won

Beautiful Love Poems for Her

Dream Love by George William Russell

I DID not deem it half so sweet
To feel thy gentle hand,
As in a dream thy soul to greet
Across wide leagues of land.

Famous Love Poems

"Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer's Day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May;
And summer's lease hath all too short a date."

"Had we but world enough. And time,
This coyness, Lady, were no crime
We would sit down and think which way
To talk and pass our long love's day."

I Love You Poems

I Love You

When April bends above me
And finds me fast asleep,
Dust need not keep the secret
A live heart died to keep.

When April tells the thrushes,
The meadow-larks will know,
And pipe the three words lightly
To all the winds that blow.

Above his roof the swallows,
In notes like far-blown rain,
Will tell the little sparrow
Beside his window-pane.

O sparrow, little sparrow,
When I am fast asleep,
Then tell my love the secret
That I have died to keep.

Poems For Girlfriends

You are not my enemy
But my life’s most precious memory
Even though you are my ex
I can't think of you as my past
Let’s forget the bitterness
For I want our love to last

Love Poems for Girlfriends

My love for you is understanding and passionate.
And I promise to be compassionate.

My love for you is thoughtful and cherishing.
And I promise to be devoted and caring.

My love for you is patient and kind.
And I promise this until the end of time.

My love for you is selfless and forgiving. And I promise this as long as I am living.

Romantic Poems for Her

You came into my life like a star
And filled my heart with joy
You took my pain as if it was yours
And gave me love that no one could.
You gave me a shoulder to cry on
You were my pillar when I was falling
You were my strength when I felt low
With your smile you made my living on earth worthwhile.

went to the sun for a favor
and asked it to shine only for you
to grant you happiness though you may be sad
bright yellow 'midst so much blue

but when the day decides to end
and the sun sinks and goes away
I give you the moon as a reminder
that my love will never fade

though i can't tell you how much I love you right now
and I can't show you what's in my heart
i hope when you look at the sun and moon
you'll realize we aren't that far apart

The Happiest Day - The Happiest Hour by Edgar Allan Poe

The happiest day- the happiest hour
My sear'd and blighted heart hath known,
The highest hope of pride and power,
I feel hath flown.

Of power! said I? yes! such I ween;
But they have vanish'd long, alas!
The visions of my youth have been-
But let them pass.

And, pride, what have I now with thee?
Another brow may even inherit
The venom thou hast pour'd on me
Be still, my spirit!

The happiest day- the happiest hour
Mine eyes shall see- have ever seen,
The brightest glance of pride and power,
I feel- have been:

But were that hope of pride and power
Now offer'd with the pain
Even then I felt- that brightest hour
I would not live again:

For on its wing was dark alloy,
And, as it flutter'd- fell
An essence- powerful to destroy
A soul that knew it well.

Untouched more near to draw to you
Where, amid radiant skies,
Glimmered thy plumes of iris hue,
My Bird of Paradise.

Let me dream only with my heart,
Love first, and after see:
Know thy diviner counterpart
Before I kneel to thee.

So in thy motions all expressed
Thy angel I may view:
I shall not on thy beauty rest,
But beauty's self in you.

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